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Introducing the Vision to Traction System

The Smart Founders are always looking for the best way to realize their product vision. The problem is that it is hard to demonstrate what the founder envisions, raise the necessary funds to carry the project forward, and assemble an experienced product team. To solve this problem, Topflight is offering the world's first Vision to Traction (VTS) System that guarantees our clients will be fully satisfied with the results we deliver.

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Typical timelines

Full Stack

Step 1: Prototype

2 weeks
1 mo

We’ll design a handful of screens realizing your initial vision, iterating with you around early user feedback and strategic requirements to a visual, interactive prototype that’s optimized for market viability and in-hand.

Step 2: Proof of Concept

+ 2 mo
+ 3 mo

Interact with working code and test the viability of your most unique and critical customer experiences. We’ll also lay the groundwork for scalable architecture, a reliable code base, and flexibility around user feedback.

Step 3: MVP

+ 2 mo
+ 3 mo

Deploy a fully-developed Minimal Viable Product to real users and start iterating around feedback. We have medical and compliance officers, DevOps, and more on staff to optimize timelines. Learn more about what we consider an MVP here.

Step 4: Iterate & Launch

+ 2 mo
+ 3 mo

Launch an iterated, fully-developed Alpha product and iterate quickly on early feedback and analysis of paying customers. We’ll support Alpha, Beta, and beyond, from launch logistics to marketing collateral and SEO.

Step 5: Traction

Month 8 onward
Month 10 onward

We closely monitor user engagement and usage metrics to strategize to positive user, revenue, and profit trends. We’ll help you scale, tweak marketing, and launch conversion funnels alongside your product - whatever you need.

We're all about outcomes.

Our outcome-oriented approach to app development, from ideation and development to launch and marketing, is built around delivering clear, measurable results. Here’s how we consistently deliver impressive results for our clients, and can for you, too.


We start lean by de-risking upfront with Steps 1 and 2 to validate the concept and get the POC investor-ready. We don't believe in treating clients as revenue machines, we believe in turning their products into revenue machines as quickly as possible.

Match Expertise

We meticulously assemble a team that’s optimized for the goals of each step. We pair you with ex-founders, health tech and fintech experts with decades of experience giving us insights into your pain points and how to solve them at all levels: strategy, user experience, product development, software architecture, compliance, security.

Deliver ROI

We are product specialists by trade, and growth partners by DNA. We define our success not by launching products, but growing them. After Step 2, we work with you on fundraising, continuous product iteration, sales and marketing efforts, leading all the way to profitability or acquisition.

Clear, measurable results


Get hands-on early

We start lean by de-risking upfront with Steps 1 and 2 to validate the concept and get the POC investor-ready. 

Simple, monthly pricing.

Know the exact cost you’re incurring with our simplified pricing focused on efficiency. If you aren't happy with the outcome of any phase, we'll give you your money back.

Best for startups and innovation labs
enables up to
6 team members
incl. 1 full time developer
is 6 enough?
Optimal for smaller firms or solo entrepreneurs. Ideal for a single app with basic functionality. Smaller team size may lead to longer launch times depending on app complexity.
money-back guarantee
at anytime, terms apply
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Best for very large enterprises
Get in touch with us so we can best understand your current requirements to determine the best structure for your needs.
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