Revolutionizing Healthcare with Generative AI

Discover how we leverage cutting-edge Generative AI technology to empower healthcare providers and enhance patient care.


Gale AI: Medical Notes to medical codes in seconds

In collaboration with Topflight, GaleAI was developed to become the ultimate powerhouse in medical coding that identifies CPT codes in seconds, with 7.9% more codes recognized in a 1-month audit, translating to $1.14M in recovered revenue per year.

Experienced a 97% reduction in coding time, maximizing productivity and efficiency.
Achieved 15% higher revenue through increased coding accuracy, minimizing revenue loss.
Integrated with major EHRs such as EPIC and Athena.

TFC AI: AI-powered clinical assistant

TFC AI is a conversational AI platform that can be integrated with third-party EMRs, enabling healthcare providers to manage their office independently or with just one part-time practice manager.

Improved patient care by utilizing personalized medicine and predictive health information.

Enabled healthcare providers to concentrate on patients by streamlining clinic operations and minimizing administrative tasks.

Improved patient outcomes with features like AI chatbot, dynamic intake forms, SMS accessibility and more.


Integrating Generative AI into Healthcare Systems

Generative AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by enhancing patient care and empowering providers. By integrating this cutting-edge technology into healthcare systems, we can unlock new insights and improve decision-making processes. Here's the different ways we can integrate AI into your existing healthcare solutions, or develop solutions from scratch.

Medical Imaging Analysis

Utilize advanced generative AI algorithms to analyze medical images for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

Streamlined Workflows

Improve operational efficiency and save time by reducing administrative burden and automating clinical workflows

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Help healthcare professionals with AI-powered decision support for improved patient care and outcomes

Personalized Care

Create patient-specific AI models to tailor treatment plans and predict disease progression


Secure, HIPAA-Compliant End-to-End Solution Provider

From AI-driven diagnostics implementation and EHR integration to HIPAA compliance and streamlined clinical workflows and intelligent automation, Topflight is your all-in-one healthcare implementation partner.

Powering intelligent healthcare solutions

Our expertise in AI and Machine learning enables predictive analysis, task automation, personalized care delivery, taking healthcare services to the next level.

Expertise in Multiple EHRs

We are experienced with EHR systems such as Epic, Athena, Allscripts, and Cerner, allowing us to create seamless integrations that work within diverse healthcare systems.

Secure and Regulations Driven Approach

We work with you to meet all regulatory requirements from HIPAA and FDA to HITECH, IEC 62304, IEC 2700, and really whatever's applicable for you.

End-to-End Ownership

We handle every project from design and development to testing, deployment, maintenance, ensuring consistent quality and reliable post-deployment support.

We're very happy with the product Topflight Apps developed for us overall. They went above and beyond to deliver a product that exceeded expectations. Thanks  to some of their design efforts, we were recently picked up by a business incubator and will make our products available in their catalog.

Robert Williams

CEO of Arthcorp

Our challenge was somewhat unique. I was looking for a development company that could handle novel technologies and had experience working with early-stage startups.

Colin Mansfield

CEO of Allheartz

Topflight was talented at taking apart complex functionality. They have talented designers and excellent developers. We were happy with their designs, and they successfully got us off the ground with the product's first version.

Ryan Kellogg

CEO and co-founder of RTHM


Transforming Healthcare with Topflight

Explore our portfolio of innovative healthcare solutions.

Allheartz: Computer Vision in Physiotherapy and Sports Care

The RTM platform reduced 80% of clinical work and helped reduce 70% injuries for athletes undergoing AI-guided exams

XZEVN: Mental Health and
Machine Learning

XZEVN is an application that gives users a supportive space to express concerns through voice or text inputs. It uses AI to understand and respond helpfully, aiming to react like a human listener and provide useful guidance.

RTHM: Bootstrapping a Real-Time Health Monitoring Platform

Empowering individuals to take control of their health with our monitoring app.

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